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River Rafting Company in Rishikesh

Feel the water splash by experiencing the best water rafting and get yourself wrapped in nature’s arm by  experiencing the best river-side camping.

Uttarakhand All Adventure Prices

All Prices Per Person


Shivpuri / Brahmpuri

Shivpuri to Ramjhula/ NIM Beach - 15 Km / 1500
Brahmpuri to Ramjhula/ NIM Beach - 9 Km / 1000
Club hous to Ramjhula/ NIM Beach - 9 Km / 1000


Marine Drive

Marine Drive to Shivpuri - 10 Km / 1000

Koudiyala to Ram Jhula / NIM Beach - 35 Km / 3500
Koudiyala to Shivpuri -  20 Km / 2500

# Transport Included, with raft transporting vehicle only
# Rafting distance may vary.
#Price includes safety equipment & PDF jacket.

Call Now : 9411136119
WhatsApp :  9719675530


Camping:- One Night Two Days with attached washrooms.
(Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with Bonfire, Snacks and Music) 

Price of Camping :- 1500

Normal Camping:- One Night Two Days
(Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Price of Normal Camping:- 1500
Price of  Luxury Camping:- 2000

Call Now : 9411136119
WhatsApp :  9719675530

Bungee Jumping

Entry Ticket                                     : 100
Bungy Jump                                       : 3700
Giant Swing                                        : 3700
Flying Fox (In Trandem)                  : 2000
Flying Fox (Solo)                               : 3500
Combo-1 (Bungy+Flying Fox)        : 4750
Combo-2 (Flying Fox+Swing)        : 4750
Combo-3 (Bungy+Swing)               : 6500
Thrilogy Combo (All 3 Activities) : 8250

*Bungy Coach (Transport) service is available

on additional

Payment of Rs. 400.00 (Including Entry Fee)
*Coach Timing: 9:00am, 11:00am & 01:00pm

Call Now : 9411136119
WhatsApp :  9719675530


Price per person per flight:

5-10 mins      :   Rs.3500
10-20 mins   :   Rs.4500

Video            :   Rs.500

Suitable Flying timing in summers:

9a.m. - 5:30p.m.

Weight Capacity:

Min.   - 30 Kg.
Max.  - 85 Kg.

Call Now : 9411136119
WhatsApp :  9719675530


Himalayan Bungee Jumping


Leaflet Bungee Jumping

Riverside Camping Rishikesh
Riverside Camping Rishikesh
Riverside Camping Rishikesh
Riverside Camping Rishikesh

   The Hills Adventure

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The Hills Adventure

Best River Rafting in Rishikesh (River Rafting Tours Packages)

The Hills Adventure, the "best river rafting company in Rishikesh" invites people not only from India but from the various corners of the world. It provides various adventurous activities like rafting, camping, trekking, etc. Rishikesh was chosen to be the best place for these adventurous activities just because of the availability of various beneficial resources. Rishikesh is even considered to be the hub of adventurous activities. People who wish to explore themselves by involving themselves in these activities and spending some time in the natural environment of Rishikesh. By spending some quality time in Rishikesh and by performing various adventurous activities, one can take away a forever memorable experience. 


There is never too late to learn anything or to enjoy anything. Therefore, it is the best opportunity for all to overcome their fears of heights, water, etc. Different activities which are provided in Rishikesh for the entertainment purpose are Rafting, Camping, Paragliding, etc. 

Holidays are made for fun so must be enjoyed up to an extent. Everyone wants well-organized facilities at their holiday destination. Therefore, there has been provided a complete accommodation facility also like various luxurious and affordable resorts in Rishikesh at the best lowest prices.  


People who visit Rishikesh for the first time may face certain difficulties so for them we are always available and help them to explore Rishikesh completely. Rishikesh is best known for its natural beauty and adventurous activities, therefore, it is one of the favorite places of people who reside even outside the country. They know that there is provided best river rafting in Rishikesh, best riverside camping in Rishikesh, and the best adventure tours in Rishikesh. Therefore, they choose to come over here again & again. And to keep Rishikesh as their favorite place to visit, we have taken a step forward and started this service by the name ‘The Hills Adventure’. We always make sure to provide the best rafting, camping, and adventure tours in Rishikesh to all the people so that they can come over here again and again and can refresh themselves in this beautiful town. 

So, start planning your upcoming holidays with us and we will make your each and every day in Rishikesh full of bliss. Get ready to feel yourself in the lap of nature and live some days of your life just for yourself. There is a complete pack of facilities provided by us. We are the most affordable taxi service provider in Rishikesh. Book your seat earlier and start packing your best collection and be ready to live your dreams in the water, in the air and many more.

Riverside Camping Rishikesh

Riverside Camping Rishikesh

"Best River Rafting Company in Rishikesh"

The Hills Adventure (River Rafting Company Rishikesh)

river rafting company in rishikesh


Riverside Camping Rishikesh


In our Silver package we provide: Normal Camp, Rafting (12 Kms), Meals, Activity.

Riverside Camping Rishikesh


In our Gold package we provide: Normal Camp, Rafting  (18 Kms), Meal, Activity.

Riverside Camping Rishikesh


In our Platinum package we provide: Attached Washroom Camp, Rafting (24 Kms), Meal, Activity.

About Us....

The Hills Adventure is the complete package of enjoyment in Rishikesh. We are best known for providing the adventurous activities in Rishikesh with all the needful facilities. Rishikesh is the place that is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains all around and every day offers a blissful morning. The holy river Ganga flowing in the mid of the city provides the eternal peace of mind which is enough to make a person happy from inside. Rishikesh is the place which is world-famous for offering various adventurous activities like water river rafting, river-side camping, etc. 

Riverside Camping Rishikesh


Who we are ?

We Are Through The Hills Adventures, you will find a team of dedicated professionals, each contributing their optimum expertise to deliver and ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.

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